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You need a team of mold inspection and mold testing experts to set mold straight.

If you believe mold has taken over your home or you are worried about a few potential areas for mold to set up shop, get on the phone and give us a call for immediate help. As the leader in the mold testing and mold inspection industry, we have built a strong reputation for recruiting and training qualified professionals who can detect the presence of mold in the smallest crack in your attic and under the concealed sections of your basement floor. We do the best job of telling you not only where mold currently forms in your home, but the areas that are potential breeding grounds for the unhealthy substance.

Mold Testing

We utilize the most advanced mold testing equipment operated by our team of mold inspection experts. You receive the peace of mind that ensures your family remains healthy during the autumn and winter months, when you spend most of your time indoors. When you give us a call, you know our team of mold testing professionals has the tools and knowledge to conduct accurate indoor air tests and black mold inspections. For a thorough mold inspection of your property, call one of our certified experts at 888-415-7780.

You want certified and licensed professionals who operate high-tech equipment to take samples from your home and test the samples in an innovative laboratory. We have the team of experts to help you eliminate unhealthy and sometimes dangerous mold spores.

Unfortunately, some homeowners try to save a few bucks by removing mold spores themselves. The bathroom sink overflows or a pipe springs a leak in the basement and the homeowner thinks a simple mop up job eliminates the potential for mold spore growth. This typically ends up to be an exercise in futility for two reasons. First, you need the right equipment to perform mold inspections. Second, you need to have the professional acumen to read and interpret complex data. We meticulously perform mold testing procedures to see if mold exists inside of your home. After thoroughly performing the mold inspection, we provide you with a detailed analysis of where mold currently grows and the areas in your home that are vulnerable to mold spore growth.

Do not take a chance on risking your family’s health. Call one of our trained mold testing experts today at 888-415-7780.