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By calling USA Mold Inspection Pros, you begin the process of detecting and eliminating mold and other irritants from every crevice inside of your home. Our non-bias test results and super fast turnaround times ensure your receive an accurate and efficient inspection. Our fully licensed and insured team of experts brings samples from your home back to our state-of-the-art laboratories, where IAC2 certified technicians perform detailed analysis.

USA Mold Inspection Pros deliver the following high quality services:

Mold Inspection

Three primary factors contribute to the growth of mold spores. The combination of ample oxygen, abundant moisture, and surface source create the perfect environment for mold to take over your home slowly. Look at water damage as the spark that starts the mold growth process. You may attempt to dry out damp areas of your home, but like the relative who never leaves, mold hides for a while, before it comes back with a vengeance.

We recommend that you call us to inspect for mold in your home if you experience damp areas around the perimeter of your windows. We diligently inspect for mold near wall and pipe cracks. Mold likes to form in bathrooms and kitchens due to leaks from refrigeration and plumbing systems. Leaky roofs can cause rapid mold spore growth, especially in the attic. Any time you delay in eliminating standing water inside of your home, you have reason to give USA Mold Inspection Pros a call.

Mold Testing

When a crime occurs, the police make a cursory inspection of the crime scene, before the forensics specialists arrive to perform tests. After our highly trained mold inspection team delivers its diagnosis, the next step in the process involves mold testing in all of the suspected areas of your home. Our “forensics” unit collects mold evidence and then takes it back to our technologically advanced labs for testing. Our mold testing team conducts its investigation in an accurate and swift manner, knowing that any mold build up inside of a home may make family members suddenly ill. Some mold problems can debilitate the respiratory system.

Air Quality Testing

Several scientific studies concluded that the air inside of a home can be as or more harmful than outdoor air pollutants. With that in mind, we suggest you call us whenever the air inside of your home or office deteriorates because of inferior weatherproofing materials or an improperly installed heating and cooling system. Poor indoor air quality can induce asthma attacks, burning eyes, fatigue, and even skin rashes. When you notice the first signs of health problems, call us to visit your home and test for both common and uncommon indoor air pollutants. Quality of life includes breathing clean air inside of your home.

Black Mold Testing

Black mold can cause severe allergic reactions. When you or someone you love experiences a severe allergic reaction, call the professionals at USA Mold Inspection Pros to schedule a black mold testing appointment. Infants, small children, and the elderly are particularly susceptible to the harmful side effects of black mold. Poor air quality inside of your home can cause the growth of black mold spores. Some cases of black mold found in American homes cause instant toxic reactions when someone encounters the mold. Since black mold can be very difficult to detect without the use of professional testing equipment, we encourage you to call us at the first sign of an allergic reaction. Exposure time length and the number of spores determine the severity of an illness.

We offer all of our services under the principle of providing the best customer service in the industry. Our mold inspection team receives training on how to listen, address customer concerns, and communicate recommendations. Call us to today at 888-415-7780 for an accurate inspection and testing inside of your home for mold, black mold, and air pollutants.